What we put in and on our bodies provides the foundation for optimal health. I know because my life depends on it (yours does too, but we'll get to that later). When I was in my thirties, a genetic disorder caused my body to develop a deadly reaction to ALL modified foods and chemicals. I quickly had to learn exactly which foods and products are clean, toxic and everything in between. It is a confusing maze at times, but in the process I uncovered the knowledge, tools and network to a truly vibrant life. I call this A Lifestyle Worth Living.   

Jenny Collins & Co. is a lifestyle consulting business designed to provide awareness, direction and inspiration for better living. It is my desire to help individuals achieve their best quality of life through realistic and simple paths to wellness. Through conversation, I am able to asses a client's lifestyle choices and offer a plan for healthy success. It is not about perfection, it's about knowing your options! I look forward to helping you design your Lifestyle Worth Living. Let's get started.